Friday, September 20, 2013

Using Social Media to Share the Gospel

The world is becoming smaller every day and the opportunity through social media and the web to share the Gospel continues to explode.  But the biggest challenge for me is how to do this effectively, to actually bring seekers to Christ instead of turning them away.  There are three resources I ran across recently that can be a great asset for effective online evangelism. 

The first is  This incredible website is part of a coordinated effort among Austin churches and organizations to share the Gospel with seekers.  The movement was started by a Christian with a passion to see people come to know Christ who put a couple million dollars of his own money to make it happen. From what I understand, over 300 Austin churches of all denominations are participating with sermons and small group curriculum to answer some of the biggest questions unbelievers have about Christianity.  The idea is to get people and groups talking about God. Members of the churches are encouraged to ask their non-believing friends to church and to their Small Group. The website answers tons of questions with well produced videos and written answers. It is a great resource for all Christians and seekers. 

Another website is  This is a similar website to Explore God with great videos, cartoons, music, testimonies and other resources that help answer questions and comfort people who are in pain or searching for answers.  Here is one of the illustrated videos from the website that explains the basics of Christianity.
Wanting some good advice on how to evangelize effectively and almost anything relating to the web and evangelism can be found at Web Evangelism Bulletin

How do you use the internet and social media to further the Gospel? 

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