Monday, March 10, 2014

The most important message to pastors and church planters

There's a lot of information to be processed and strategies to develop when planting and pastoring a church.   Much of it is important but if you neglect this, you will miss out on what God wants to accomplish in your life and church.
Frank Viola's message is the single most important aspect of a Christian leader's life. 

Click on the link to hear the message Audio message

For the written shortened transcript click The transcript

I'd love to read your thoughts on Viola's message.  

What does Jesus' statement "pick up your cross and follow me" mean to you?

What are some of the crosses has God given you to carry?


DonteBanks said...

Beautiful Message... Made me really consider my calling... The what and why's of it. God has something for me but its found BEHIND the CROSS! I'm going to have to DIE to myself... My Will to get it... That is humbling.

fv said...

thanks for the shout out!

John Walters said...

Frank, I love all of your work! You are a true blessing to us and an inspiration to all who are living in Christ.

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