Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sharing The Shack

I am sometimes afraid of being over bearing which is why I must come across as easy going and laid back most of the time. So this past week I’ve been encouraging others to read the book The Shack with some reservation. Why? I don’t know because this book has really made an impact on me spiritually. I can’t remember a book that has moved me so. I haven’t told everybody just the closest of friends and associates and those that I know will listen and perhaps heed my advice. One of those was Tiffany Crawford a Christian counselor who attends Grace Point. She uses our offices after hours to council and does a wonderful job. She had asked to use my office this week and I playfully agreed only if she read the book The Shack. She so promised and I wondered whether she would even remember the title.
But she did and she actually finished it in one day. I just received her email thanking me for suggesting the book. Her email said the book changed her life forever.
In her blog Tiffany wrote it better than what I could…This book is intriguing...and filled with God's love and patience-- His wonder and honor. It will teach you the truth of who God is---the truth of the Word he's shared with us for so many years. You will be free from religion and rules--from responsibility and expectation--you will learn to rest in Him, love Him and find joy in Him.
It is amazing how God can use people and the words they write to encourage, inspire, and bring healing and His love. And it can be passed on by just a few words of encouragement to buy and read a simple book. In this instance “The Shack”.
I feel ashamed that I have not told more people about the book, that I have chosen only a few when everyone I know should have been told. But it is the same with God’s love. Why do I choose to share with a so few? Why not tell everyone!
As Tiffany proclaimed in her blog, and I whole heartedly agree… Buy the book--read it, pass it on...make everyone you know read it...and then read it again... I will read it at least 1000 more times.... Next time, I will read it slowly--but I couldn't put it down this time...I just wanted to know more about God...

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