Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Have a dream you want to accomplish but can’t seem to get there? Inertia is probably what you need. The definition of Inertia is the resistance an object has to a change in its state of motion. Even though we believe the first steps to accomplishing something as being small or insignificant; actually they are usually the most important. Significant accomplishments never occur until the first small steps are made in that direction. Many times God inspires us to do or become but dreams don’t come true because we never take the first small step.
We usually think that we don’t accomplish something simply because we just don’t do it. Well that is not totally accurate. Newton’s first law of Motion teaches us that “objects tend to "keep on doing what they're doing." In fact, it is the natural tendency of objects to resist changes in their state of motion. This tendency to resist changes in their state of motion is described as inertia.
We don’t accomplish a certain task because we have a tendency to resist doing something different than we always are accustomed to doing. You go to work and you do certain things. And you will continue to do just what you always did until something changes. That change is called inertia. We all will just keep on doing what we always do, until we do something or something happens to cause us to alter our behavior or our daily routine.
I have dreams and grand ideas but I am a procrastinator at heart, waiting to take action until I know that I will not fail. Usually for me the most important step is just making up my mind to go and then taking the first small action to getting there. It could be packing my sports bag the night before to get ready to go to the gym the next morning.
So you can dream that you will someday have a certain job, get healthy, make a difference in the world, or lead your friend to Christ but it is only a wish until you take the first step, until you change your state or motion, your routine of life you provide the inertia to make that dream come true. It doesn’t have to be a big change, just something to get the ball rolling.
Dream big and then take a small step.

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