Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lack of Faith in God

Forgive me God for my lack of faith

I witnessed two wonderful miracles of God this week and found myself giving a passing thank you God, going on about my business without much more thought or consideration to how great and wonderful God is.   These were two very large prayer requests answered this week concerning friends in the ministry who were facing major obstacles.  One was a getting a decision overturned in one day, something that everyone said would take weeks.  One of our members had returned from the war with several injuries including brain damage.  He could not get transportation to his rehab clinic using Via Tran which transports those with special needs because Via Tran said his injuries were not physically debilitating enough.  But he couldn’t drive himself because of the head injuries.  His wife couldn’t take him because of her work schedule.  She filled out the paper work for the appeal while others in the church stepped up to volunteer to take him and prayed that she could win the appeal.  She turned in the appeal on Monday and by Wednesday Via Tran reversed their decision!  People said it was a miracle that they received an answer that fast. 

The second was much like the first in that people said it wasn’t possible.  One of our Faith Promise missionaries in Mexico was attempting to get a tourist visa to visit the United States.  He married a young lady from the U.S. that he met while she was on a mission trip to the orphanage in which he worked.  They both now work at the orphanage in Mexico and he had never been to the United States and had never met his in-laws.  People said it was pointless to apply because immigration officials just assume a Mexican married to a U.S. citizen in Mexico would want not just to visit but to stay in the U.S.  (They don’t have plans to stay in the U.S. and love working in the orphanage in Mexico.)  They emailed me this week very excited to say they received the tourist visa and were so thankful that God answered prayers. 

I have to ask myself, am I so numb to God’s working power that I don’t take significant time to stop, celebrate and praise Him when He answers prayers?  Or is it that I really have little faith and just pass off such “miracles” as a coincidence and do not give God his due.  I have seen many true miracles; at home and on the mission field but I pray I never take for granted God’s ability to heal, to change people’s hearts, minds and actions.  He continues to pour his love out in spite of my selfishness and lack of faith.  Forgive me God.  Thank you for your grace and mercy!

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