Monday, September 6, 2010

The path that leads to many paths of blessings

As I pondered Romans chapter 6 on freedom from sin, I pictured the contrast of a life of bad choices, living for oneself with that of a life choosing to live for Christ, making decisions based on your relationship with Jesus. The more bad choices, or the more sinful life you lead the narrower your choices become. You lose more freedom with each bad decision. It's like a funnel, narrowing you down toward death. When you live for Christ, each right decision opens up a whole host of good choices, sometimes making it difficult to choose what to do next.  A good example of this is when we choose to follow Jesus to serve others.  As I have gone to countries on mission trips or across town to share God's love in the inner city, I am amazed at suddenly the flood of opportunities that seem to come my way to bless others.  I begin to see that there is a world of people out there waiting to be blessed by God and often times, I have that potential.  But if we are looking at life through the lens of self, we don't see those opportunities.  We just walk by and miss the obvious.  But when we choose the right path, that path leads to other paths and life begins to become an adventure full of opportunities.  However we must choose to take a step on that pathway.  We can't stay home or we will miss out on the opportunities and the fullness of life that God has for us.   God will continually give us opportunities.  Just open your eyes and heart to them, and join Him in his work.  Don't miss the abundant life! 

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