Monday, March 18, 2013

Lessons learned from the San Antonio Spurs

NBA big men learn much at School of Duncan

This excellent article on Tim Duncan reminds us that our legacy and positive reputation consists of much more than our job performance. Tim takes time during the summer to work out and mentor young NBA and college players and then maintains that mentorship throughout the season. 
We have that example in the Bible as we see Barnabas mentoring Paul and Paul taking Timothy under his wings.  Even in ministry, mentoring another believer is usually not in our job description but it is our duty as a follower of Christ. I found it interesting that for Tim, mentoring others is just a part of who he is, not some organized program imposed on him.  Tim also has no qualms about helping the opposition.  This tells us a lot about the character and values of the Big Fundamental. 

Some other benefits:
Obviously the young players profit.  
The mentor grows also. The best way to learn is to teach.  
The disciple learns the importance of mentorship.
The mentor gains respect among his or her peers. 
The Kingdom is advanced

What other value do you see from mentoring?
Who are you mentoring?

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