Friday, February 19, 2016

An Incredibly Powerful and Important Message For Our Time

If there was ever a message that is needed for every person in our nation, this is it.  It doesn't come from a politician running for president or a pastor or Pope.  It comes ironically from a basketball coach!  Monty Williams speaks from the heart at the funeral of his wife who was killed when a driver  crossed over the medium and collided head on of the car his wife, Ingrid Williams was driving. Williams' eulogy has been called "inspirational".  But it goes way beyond inspiration. With all the political and racial unrest in this country, Monty Williams' eulogy is the Gospel and one message that could somehow heal every person and bring this nation together, if only people would watch it and take it to heart.  Please watch the message, (7 minutes) and believe it!  Act on it!  Live it!

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